Monday, April 18, 2016

Viseart Theory Palettes

Lots of people rave about the Viseart Palettes, but at $80 a pop, I could never bite the bullet. Enter the new Theory Palettes. At $45 for 6 pans, my mind views that as a lot more affordable (although since I bought two, I ended up spending around $80 anyways). I ordered these during the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale, so was able to get them for 15% off, which made them a little more justifiable.

I love the packaging on these. Despite being cardboard, they don't feel cheap at all and are sturdy enough for travel. They're so slim, but the pans are quite large. I wish it had a mirror, but that only really bothers me when I travel with these. Each palette is designed in a different color family--Minx is a warm-toned neutral palette, and Chroma is cooler, perfect for a smoky eye. Upon first swatch, I fell in love. Even the lighter shades swatch so evenly, and the pigmentation is something else. Each palette has three mattes and three shimmer shades. As someone who normally shys away from mattes, I can see myself using every one of these. It's hard to find a creamy matte (contradictory, I know), but these take the cake. 



These cute little palettes live up to their illustrious Viseart reputation, and I can see why everyone goes for the splurge. Whether you like warm neutrals or cooler smokey colors, these palettes can suit anyone's need (there's a third one I didn't get with some more cool-toned neutrals). And the best part? The shadows are removable and magnetic if you want to create your own, larger palette! Have you tried anything from Viseart? Comment below!