Monday, April 25, 2016

Ofra x Manny MUA Liquid Lipsticks

You'd think I'd be sick of the liquid lipstick trend by now, but despite the fact that more and more brands keep bringing them out, I'm on board! Ofra is a lesser-known cosmetics brand that is now on the rise after a collaboration with Kathleen Lights and now one with Manny MUA. I've tried the formula and love it, so knew I would be a fan of these. I actually haven't watched many of Manny's videos, but again, bought into these purely due to social media hype. The lip sets sold out within a couple hours, but should be restocked semi-frequently. There are plenty of 30% off coupons floating around, which makes these reasonably affordable.

The formula of these lipsticks is amazing--it almost has a whipped texture, but it dries down totally matte. The moussey formula keeps it from feeling too drying, and as long as you don't eat or drink right after applying, it should last quite some time. Now on to the three colors! You can buy them individually or all three together (which I did). Aries is my least favorite of the bunch, just because I find these light pink nudes harder to wear. I can see it working on top of a darker lip liner, but on its own I almost look like I have concealer lips. Charmed is my favorite--a MLBB pinky nude for "those who enjoy a more subtle lippy". And I also adore Hypno--a darker vampy shade that leans more burgundy, but isn't so dark that you can't rock it during the day as well as night.

Aries, Charmed, Hypno

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Manny MUA collab and can see myself reaching for these all the time. Did you pick up any of the shades? Share below!