Monday, April 11, 2016

Kylie Lip Glosses

Despite claiming I don't keep up with the Kardashians, I admit I have a soft spot for any beauty product they create/endorse. They do look pretty damn good most of the time. Especially when that beauty product is the now infamous Kylie Lip Kits, which have literally broke the internet. I tried a couple of times to get my hands on the liquid lipsticks/liners, and finally got three (expect a review next week when they arrive). But I thought it had to be an April Fools Joke when Kylie was releasing glosses last Friday. I logged on social media at the perfect time to grab all three. The Kylie Lip Glosses are currently sold out, although she seems to restock a couple of times a month. At only $15, they're basically a steal compared to the lip kits, but shipping is steep at $8.95.

The design is basically the same as the lip  kits-- a slim tube with the black paint and Kylie's signature. These are a little bit thicker than the traditional "gloss" and actually quite pigmented, which surprised me. They can feel a bit heavy, so be careful, but they don't look overly tacky on the lips. Of course, they do only last a couple hours as most glosses do, but they also don't disappear right away. So Cute is a light pink that can wash me out if I wear it built up on its own, but looks great over a matte lipstick or liner. Like is my favorite of the bunch--a mauve nude that seems the most Kylie. And Literally is a "warm toned peachy nude".

Like, Literally, So Cute

Are these a must-have for every makeup lover? Not necessarily, but owning something that causes the internet to freak out every couple of weeks (you should see the comments she gets on her Instagram posts, which is how she keeps in contact with her audience). If you're a lip product junkie, or Kylie lover, it may be worth finding out when the next restock is and just happening to be online right around that time. 


  1. I was online too but didn't grab any b/c I really need to stop spending so much on makeup ... Do you think they're worth the hype though? xx

  2. I would love to try one of them just for fun. Everybody is talking about these and I'd like to see how good they are!